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Boy, parents at odds over gap year

Dear Straight Talk: I'm slated to head off to college in August, but I want to take a gap year in South America first. I have savings and will work as I go. I think immersing in a different culture is good for Americans. My parents…


Need a job? Clip this column!

Dear Straight Talk: My 16-year-old son has started looking for a summer job and is having a tough time. I have a feeling he is not presenting himself well throughout the process. I remember an article you wrote a few years ago with…


Making a better world, Part II

DEAR READERS: Each New Year I ask the panelists: What bugs you most about the world? How would you make the world better? Last week's “better world” column covered concerns about how digital networking has diminished face-to-face…


Facebook: It’s amazing who’s looking at your posts!

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: When are kids going to learn that anything posted on the Internet is potentially exposed to the world? As a hiring manager, I am floored by the number of applicants…

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College kids give tips on stretching a dollar

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m leaving for college this week and am nervous about finances. I have taken out loans, a grant helps with my dorm and tuition, but there’s not enough to…


Earning money when you’re under 16

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I need to raise $300 for driver training in August so I can get my learner’s permit. I don’t like little kids so baby-sitting is out of the question. Mowing…

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Teen need a job? Clip this column!

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’ve been trying to get work at a fast food place with no luck. I’m 16 and I’ve never had a job before and there are so many kids applying. How can…


Babysitter’s cleavage invites trouble

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m 15 and what you call “well-endowed”. I have been babysitting for a family down the street since I was 13. The parents divorced shortly after I…


Part-time work prepares teens for independence

Dear Straight Talk: I’m 50 years old, proud father of my first child, a baby daughter. I like your column and have a question for you. I know very few teens today that work. From age 12 to…


Is there a doctor in the house?

Dear Straight Talk: I’m a junior in college studying pre-med. My grandfather was doctor, and three of his children are doctors, my mother being one of them. From a young age I’ve felt…

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