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White Drugs: Coke, Meth, Heroin, etc.

Drug-free dorms in college — do they exist?

Dear Straight Talk: I’m going to college next month and dread the horror stories of drinking and drug use in the dorms. I do not use drugs and hope to never start. Do colleges have drug-free dorm halls? Or please suggest how to deal…


Rain on your Rave: Most Molly a mixture of meth and other synthetics

Dear Straight Talk: My roommate got totally wasted at a dorm party on what she was told was Molly. Somebody brought her back to our room and literally dumped her on me. She fell on the floor, I had to practically carry her down the hall,…


Popular party drug, Molly, sold as “pure” MDMA, often contains none

Dear Straight Talk: My daughter, 17, and her friends are getting ready for the big Halloween party, swapping clothes and creating costumes. My problem isn't the costumes being too racy as I've read about in Straight Talk (though…


Heroin use at epidemic levels

Dear Straight Talk: My friend is smoking heroin. I tell her to stop before she gets addicted, but she denies the problem. Her parents hate me and will accuse me of being the cause, so I'm not going to tell them. I don't know how…


Boyfriend is addicted to meth

Dear Straight Talk: Please help. I am 22 and have been with my boyfriend for two years. He was the greatest person — that is, until some personal problems led him to try meth. He was instantly addicted. He is such a different person…

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Father’s love and courage teaches many

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Twenty-one months ago, my 18-year-old son jumped to his death from the 720-foot-high Foresthill Bridge. He left for school that morning. At lunch, I got a call that…


Former heroin addict shares life, death

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I am writing to “Desperate in Salinas” (JUL 15), the girl who was hiding her heroin-addicted boyfriend in her parent’s basement.…


Heroin-laced cigarettes lead to deadly addiction

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’ve been hiding my boyfriend in my basement bedroom because his parents kicked him out. What nobody knows is that he is addicted to heroin. We both began smoking…


Heroin involved in girl-girl drama

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I was best friends with “Abby” until she got new friends and started drinking and taking drugs. It scared me because my dad was a heroin addict…


Living drug-free takes a village

Dear Straight Talk: I am disappointed in your response to “No longer Supermom,” whose daughter began drinking, smoking marijuana, flunking out of school, and had moved into her dad’s house where there were no rules. This…

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