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Thank You For Not Smoking!

Dear Straight Talk: Trying to quit smoking? Forget it! The trick is not starting. Leroy and Dee were heavy smokers who knew this. They told their sons at a young age that they put $600 apiece [equal to $3850 today] in an account to receive…


Girlfriend’s cigarette smoking might be deal-breaker

Dear Straight Talk: Ugh, I just found out my girlfriend smokes. I really like her, but now I'm torn. It's how I was raised — I just hate cigarettes. We are both 17. She kept it from me, probably knowing I wouldn't approve,…


Girl craving friend’s e-cigarette

Dear Straight Talk: My friend uses an e-cigarette when we go for coffee or to parties. Lots of kids smoke cigarettes at parties but she says her parents would flip out if she was a smoker. She says she doesn't want her clothes or car…


Young people share views on proposed cigarette tax

Dear Straight Talk: I'm following the ballot proposition to add $1 tax to a pack of cigarettes purchased in California. The tax will be used for researching tobacco-related cancers and illnesses. There are claims that the tax increase…


Stepdad’s smoke permeates small apartment

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: In the recent letter from “Smoked-Out,” about her sister’s boyfriend sneaking cigarettes in their bedroom, at least she has house no-smoking rules…


Boyfriend smokes in girl’s bedroom—yuck!

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My sister’s boyfriend comes over almost every afternoon before our mom gets home and smokes cigarettes in our room. I hate the smoke but my sister says it’s…


Smoking hookah: Yes, it’s tobacco

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My 17-year-old son just left for the “hookah bar”. He said this is a popular social activity where you sit around outdoors smoking flavored tobacco from…


Heroin-laced cigarettes lead to deadly addiction

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’ve been hiding my boyfriend in my basement bedroom because his parents kicked him out. What nobody knows is that he is addicted to heroin. We both began smoking…


Joe Camel no longer Joe Cool

Dear Straight Talk: My girlfriend smokes a pack of cigarettes a day. We’re both 17. She has been smoking since she was 14. She really wants to quit but every time she goes a couple of days…


Cigarette tax will stimulate black market

Dear Straight Talk: I’m 45 and I smoke two packs of cigarettes a day. I started when I was 14 and it’s a habit I’ve never been able to kick. Now I’ve got the cardiovascular…

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