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Stepmother seeks help for deep-freeze hostility

Dear Straight Talk: My stepchildren (16 and 17) are incredibly cold to me even though I had nothing to do with their parent’s divorce. I met their father a year later and eight months after that, we now live together. They hardly…


Mom’s insecurity puts kids in the middle after Dad leaves her

Dear Straight Talk: Our mom can’t get over our dad leaving her for someone else and expects us to hate our dad’s live-in girlfriend. She constantly badmouths them, grills us about our visitations and expects us to join in. We…


Saying goodbye to kids following a parent-dating breakup

Dear Straight Talk: I’m 43 and was dating a man for six months who has an 11-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl. Our relationship moved quickly and I often stayed at his house during visitation weekends, thus spending quite a bit…


Sisters with new stepdad want security of a locked bedroom door

Dear Straight Talk: My sister and I want a lock for our bedroom door. We have a new stepfather and we feel uncomfortable not being able lock our door when we’re undressed. He’s good to us, rarely comes inside our room and always…


Yikes! Christmas with my boyfriend and his teenagers

Dear Straight Talk: I’m going to my boyfriend’s house for the special day of Christmas. His boy, 15, and girl, 13, will be there. We’ve been together nine months now and I’ve only met the daughter once for five minutes,…


Divorced dad gets help winning back estranged daughter

Dear Straight Talk: My daughter, “Paige,” is 14. Her mother and I divorced four years ago and my ex has always said ugly things about me. Somehow Paige seemed to know these things weren’t true and we had a great relationship.…


Teen fears Mom’s gay marriage will cause bullying

Dear Straight Talk: Now that gay marriage is legal again in California, our mom is marrying her "fiancé" in August. They are planning a formal church wedding announced in the newspaper and we are moving into her fiancé's…


New stepdad asks for on-the-job tips for being a great stepdad

Dear Straight Talk: How nice to discover this forum! I'm a new stepfather to a boy, 14 and a girl, 16. Their mother has had full custody for eight years. Please advise as to the ideal stepfather. What's the worst thing I can do?…


In love with troubled stepbrother. Now what?

Dear Straight Talk: My stepfather has a son a year older than me who didn’t live with us because my stepdad didn’t have custody. Since we weren’t blood related, I had a crush on “Unknown.” I didn’t hear…


Gift giving in blended family not that complicated

Dear Straight Talk: My friend thinks she doesn't need to get her stepdaughter much for Christmas. She says "Emily" will get gifts from her own mom, and her kids won't get anything from their dad, so buying less for Emily only balances…

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