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Dude! What’s up with extreme sports?

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: If I could ask young people anything, I’d like to know what the fascination is with extreme sports. What is this fixation all about? — Melody, Monterey,…


“Drug-free” cool? Gonna take a revolution

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I found your website searching for “teens that don’t drink or do drugs.” My 17-year-old daughter’s friends all drink, smoke, and do drugs. She…


Mixed martial arts helps turn boys into men

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: After reading the column about the 15-year-old boy who wants to be a WWE fighter (FEB 11, 2009), I’d like to…


15-year-old fixated on achieving WWE body

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My son idolizes the wrestlers of World Wrestling Entertainment and is fixated with attaining a similar body for himself. He pushes himself at the school…

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Athletes fall through cracks with single-sport mentality

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m in tenth grade. I grew up playing soccer and my parents are upset about it, but I quit because I’m tired of it. What I really want is to…

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