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Girls’ sports a hotbed for gay shaming

Dear Straight Talk: My twin sister and I play basketball. Two teammates are openly gay and rumor has it the whole team is gay and we have sex with each other. We have no problem with our gay teammates in the locker room and have never sensed…


Dude! What’s up with extreme sports?

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: If I could ask young people anything, I’d like to know what the fascination is with extreme sports. What is this fixation all about? — Melody, Monterey,…


“Drug-free” cool? Gonna take a revolution

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I found your website searching for “teens that don’t drink or do drugs.” My 17-year-old daughter’s friends all drink, smoke, and do drugs. She…


Mixed martial arts helps turn boys into men

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: After reading the column about the 15-year-old boy who wants to be a WWE fighter (FEB 11, 2009), I’d like to…

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15-year-old fixated on achieving WWE body

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My son idolizes the wrestlers of World Wrestling Entertainment and is fixated with attaining a similar body for himself. He pushes himself at the school…

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Athletes fall through cracks with single-sport mentality

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m in tenth grade. I grew up playing soccer and my parents are upset about it, but I quit because I’m tired of it. What I really want is to…

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