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Slutty Dressing

Early-bloomers targets for lousy early sex

Dear Straight Talk: My daughter, 14, blossomed overnight into a well-endowed gorgeous young woman. I’m appalled at the gawking men (of all ages) in supermarkets and literally everywhere we go. My sister bloomed early and the relentless…


How itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny should teen bikini be?

Dear Straight Talk: How teeny should a bikini be? We have a pool and "mature" girls come over, some wearing the tiniest swimsuits imaginable. As I look out the window, I’m not feeling like a very good or protective parent. Is there…


Mom struggling with daughter’s Halloween costume

Dear Straight Talk: I'm at wit's end. My daughter, 15, is planning her Halloween outfit. Last year, I was embarrassed by how "trashy" she looked but I didn't want a fight. I would like to set boundaries this year and wonder…

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Fashion police (Mom) wants low down on short shorts

Dear Straight Talk: I have school shopping to do and while I like my kids to pick out their own clothes, I often find myself in the role of "fashion police." Many of the shorts are so short and the tops so low-cut or sheer. What does the…


Risks of risqué Halloween dressing

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: You wrote last week about how risqué attire can draw unwanted attention and lead to trouble if a girl is naive or insecure. How does this relate to Halloween? My daughter…


Did girl’s risqué attire contribute to close call?

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: A friend almost got raped. We were at a club and she can be really insecure about guys so she was flirting to the max wearing four-inch heels, short shorts, cleavage…


Nipple & navel piercings behind Mom’s back

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Like many girls our age, my sister and I wanted our nipples and navel pierced. We’re under 18 and knew our prudish mom wouldn’t consent, so we did it on…


What’s too slutty, even at Halloween?

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m new at my high school and have fallen in with a popular crowd, so that’s good. The problem is Halloween. I’m in shock over some of the outfits…

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Babysitter’s cleavage invites trouble

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m 15 and what you call “well-endowed”. I have been babysitting for a family down the street since I was 13. The parents divorced shortly after I…


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