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Stepbrother’s ‘first time’ an in-house seduction

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I had sex with my stepsister last weekend when we were home alone on a visitation at my dad’s. She’s 17 and I’m 16. She seduced me and was well prepared,…


Brother watches porn in front of younger sister

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m 15. I share a room with my 17-year-old brother because our mom can only afford two bedrooms. We have a computer in our room and I’ve noticed him looking…


“I want my own room” can be selfish

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My sister and I have to share a room because we get along. Our younger brothers get their own rooms because they constantly fight. We feel that this is unfair. In most…


One sibling doesn’t want to room with other in college

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My stepsister and I are both seniors and have applied to colleges. We share a room during visitations and where she has always been interested in a close relationship,…


Anonymous cyberbully fakes as friend… maybe

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Lately, I’ve been the victim of cruel and hateful anonymous cyberbullying. I had no idea who was behind it as I have no known enemies. Then I found out on excellent…


Life in popular sibling’s shadow

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I love my little sister but I hate being around her. We are complete opposites and she has everything I have — plus looks, friends, and sports and musical talent.…


Nude photo goes viral

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I don’t like my stepsister and have to share a room with her when she stays with us. I was so mad at her I secretly took a picture of her when she was naked. It…


Stepsisters thrown in bed together develop love affair

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My stepsister and I have fallen in love. We’re both girls and both 17. We share a room and bed when she stays with us every other weekend and have been having…


Hey Sis, put some clothes on

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m a 16-year-old boy with a 17-year-old sister who is gay. We live with our single-parent mom, who can only afford a two-bedroom apartment, so my sister and I…


Boyfriend smokes in girl’s bedroom—yuck!

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My sister’s boyfriend comes over almost every afternoon before our mom gets home and smokes cigarettes in our room. I hate the smoke but my sister says it’s…

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