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Girl faces pressure over not shaving

Dear Straight Talk: I'm 16 and unlike most girls I know, I prefer to be natural and don't shave or wax. My friends accept this as my business, however, my stepsisters, with whom I share a room every other weekend, say I look gross…


Daughter is shaving pubic hair. What does it mean?

Dear Straight Talk: I don't know who to talk to. I walked in on my daughter (17), undressing, and couldn't help but see that she shaves her pubic hair. I didn't say a thing and decided to write you instead. Are all the girls…


Daughter shaving legs the least of this mom’s worry

Dear Straight Talk: I felt badly for the 7th grade girl whose mom didn’t want her to shave until 8th grade. My daughters started shaving in 6th grade and though I didn’t…


Love thy “natural” self

Dear Straight Talk: I’m writing in regard to “Julie” who wanted to start shaving her legs. I have never shaved, and have never wanted to. From a young age I’ve had an appreciation…


Mother & daughter splitting hairs over shaving

Dear Straight Talk: I’m 12 and I just started seventh grade. I’m having a disagreement with my mom over the right age to begin shaving. I want to shave now and my mom wants me to wait…


Son shaving his legs simply the fashion

Dear Straight Talk: My son, 16,  is a lot different than I was as a teenager and I keep my mouth shut in order to keep peace with his mother (also my wife), and let him “do his thing”—which…

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Guys shaving their legs is metrosexual trend

Dear Straight Talk: My son is 17 and as his father, I never thought I’d be writing your group of teens but I need some input. My…


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