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Why won’t my daughter talk to me?

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: In your website archives you have many columns on teens becoming sexually active. My question, as a mother, is how do I get my daughter to talk to me about these aspects…


Teens stand up to sexual predators

Dear Straight Talk: In reference to your column of June 27, there is another reason divorced or single mothers need to get over their inhibitions and give their sons the “sex talk.”…


Trials and tribulations of mother-son “sex talk”

Dear Straight Talk: My son is 15 and I’ve never sat him down and given him the sex talk. His dad is not available and I’m afraid I’m failing him in this department. I’ve…


Pregnant teen wants more love, less sex

Dear Straight Talk: I am only 16 and am in a pretty serious relationship with my boyfriend of 18. We have been dating for 14 months now and sometimes it’s hard to talk to him about deep feelings…

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“Pre-deciding” a great tool for raising kids

Dear Straight Talk: After reading the recent columns on the choices teens face around drugs and sex, I decided to write.

The thing…


Girls take the rap for being promiscuous

Dear Straight Talk: I am writing in response to last Sunday’s column where kids talked about what bugged them about their generation. I’m 17 and I want to mention a few things about…

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