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Christmas shopping frenzy “on steroids” far adrift from “O Silent Night”

Dear Straight Talk: The winter holidays seem to be a stressed-out “what am I getting” and ”what am I buying” nightmare and I wonder if these once-sacred holidays hold any meaning at all for young people. (Maybe the…


Boy worries about end of the world

Dear Straight Talk: I'm afraid for the end of the world. How do others cope with the mistreatment of our planet? We have rising oceans, nuclear plant meltdowns, species extinction, food-chain disruptions, economic collapse, nuclear…


Generous Aunt gets no thanks

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Each year I give my niece and nephew an expensive gift of something they want or need. I often include money. If I'm there for the holidays, they say thank you but I have never once received a thank-you letter.…


Harry Potter: Hero in a hero-less world

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Harry Potter was such a sensation for so many young people who grew up on the books and then the movies. I would love to hear what Harry Potter meant to them, and if…

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Lucy in the Sky with DMT (today’s LSD)

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Can you tell me if DMT is safe? Articles I’ve read in Spirituality & Health magazine seem to indicate it is probably okay to…


“Avatar” blues: Fans long for connection to Nature

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I have a grandnephew, 15, from Kentucky and a grandson, 16, from California. Both say “Avatar” is the best movie they’ve ever seen. When I asked why,…


Panelists share views on God and religion

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I read the recent Pew survey results on religious views and was surprised that 92 percent of American adults believe in God. I’m wondering if the same…


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