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On crowded imperiled planet, coexistence is key to survival

Dear Straight Talk: Thank you, panelists, for addressing my question (AUG 11) regarding development of your moral compasses vis-à-vis the five major religions. For my next question, let me describe a time 2000 years ago, when…


Religion has “missed” on inspiring societal peace and health

Dear Straight Talk: Our world has changed greatly since Jesus Christ walked the earth, but human nature has not. Then, as now, people fear what they don’t understand or disagree with. In his day, Jesus was persecuted, crucified and…


Christmas shopping frenzy “on steroids” far adrift from “O Silent Night”

Dear Straight Talk: The winter holidays seem to be a stressed-out “what am I getting” and ”what am I buying” nightmare and I wonder if these once-sacred holidays hold any meaning at all for young people. (Maybe the…


Boy worries about end of the world

Dear Straight Talk: I'm afraid for the end of the world. How do others cope with the mistreatment of our planet? We have rising oceans, nuclear plant meltdowns, species extinction, food-chain disruptions, economic collapse, nuclear…


Generous Aunt gets no thanks

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Each year I give my niece and nephew an expensive gift of something they want or need. I often include money. If I'm there for the holidays, they say thank you but I have never once received a thank-you letter.…


Harry Potter: Hero in a hero-less world

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Harry Potter was such a sensation for so many young people who grew up on the books and then the movies. I would love to hear what Harry Potter meant to them, and if…

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Lucy in the Sky with DMT (today’s LSD)

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Can you tell me if DMT is safe? Articles I’ve read in Spirituality & Health magazine seem to indicate it is probably okay to…


“Avatar” blues: Fans long for connection to Nature

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I have a grandnephew, 15, from Kentucky and a grandson, 16, from California. Both say “Avatar” is the best movie they’ve ever seen. When I asked why,…


Panelists share views on God and religion

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I read the recent Pew survey results on religious views and was surprised that 92 percent of American adults believe in God. I’m wondering if the same…


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