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Should young man study online or take real classes?

Dear Straight Talk: I'm graduating from high school this June. My stepfather and I don't communicate and sharing a room with two siblings makes concentrating impossible. I have to get out, but my parents cannot help with college…


Society and kids big losers when kids don’t read

Dear Straight Talk: Every morning I drive my granddaughter to high school and observe all the kids, every hand gripping a cell phone. I've been in the newspaper business 46 years and I'd like to ask what young people today read.…


Harry Potter: Hero in a hero-less world

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Harry Potter was such a sensation for so many young people who grew up on the books and then the movies. I would love to hear what Harry Potter meant to them, and if…

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Holiday wish list for teens and 20-somethings

DEAR READERS: I’d be lost without this list. I shop from it exclusively. Yes, I’m talking about Straight Talk’s annual shopping list for teens — (FYI: official adolescence goes to age 25).…


Do electronic distractions make you dumb?

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m a junior and my grades are suffering. My dad says it’s because I’m on Facebook and listening to music while I do homework. I don’t know what…


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