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What bugs Millennials about their generation? Part 2

Dear Readers: If there's one word to define this generation, it's "distracted." Smart phones, video games, on-line porn, surround-media blasting messages mostly making bad stuff look good. Magicians rely on distraction to perform…


Safe schools — panel weighs in with solutions

Dear Readers: The best ‘in-school’ solution I know to make schools places where kids are welcomed by their peers, versus places of harm, is the “Safe School Ambassadors” program. The program works with human nature:…


Optimum World 2013

Dear Readers: Youth are society’s truth serum. Every year during the symbolic time of the holidays, I ask the panelists what they wish for the world. Reaching out to others and the earth, the need for community mind over individual…


Halloween costumes that mock cultures a bad idea

Dear Straight Talk: I'm in college and my very nice roommates are talking about dressing up as Muslims for Halloween. One, who is buff, is even talking about putting on blackface and going as Muhammad Ali. I think both the blackface…


Don’t just vote. Get informed first.

Dear Straight Talk: In 1787, our founding fathers gathered behind closed doors to decide what form of government the fledgling United States would have. The newly-freed colonists held their breath. When the delegates finally emerged, someone…


Young people share views on proposed cigarette tax

Dear Straight Talk: I'm following the ballot proposition to add $1 tax to a pack of cigarettes purchased in California. The tax will be used for researching tobacco-related cancers and illnesses. There are claims that the tax increase…


Boy worries about end of the world

Dear Straight Talk: I'm afraid for the end of the world. How do others cope with the mistreatment of our planet? We have rising oceans, nuclear plant meltdowns, species extinction, food-chain disruptions, economic collapse, nuclear…


Making a better world, Part II

DEAR READERS: Each New Year I ask the panelists: What bugs you most about the world? How would you make the world better? Last week's “better world” column covered concerns about how digital networking has diminished face-to-face…


Panel weighs in on Arizona shootings

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m curious how young people feel about the shootings in Arizona. Politics has taken on an “us versus them” mentality. Hate and sound bites prevail…

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Straight Talk panelists co-author motorcycle safety law

DEAR READERS: Last school year, two teenage panelists from Straight Talk wanted to make the world a better place. Michael Kelleher and Sawyer Cole took their idea to the Capitol and stood persistently in front of…

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