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Peer Pressure

Strip poker sheds clothes, shreds friends

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Last weekend at a birthday slumber party, one of the pushier girls suggested we turn our regular poker game into strip poker. Well, I was the only one who chose not…


A Bullying Solution that Really Works

DEAR READERS: If your school could have a superpower, what would it be? If it’s an anti-bullying superpower, you’re in luck. I’d like to shout from the rooftops about the “Safe School Ambassadors”…

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Girls speak frankly about hook-up scene

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I counsel teens on college and career choices and have been learning about “hook-up” culture. I’m concerned that sexual activity, starting with girls…


School showers special hell for some boys

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I am writing about communal showers from a guy’s point of view. They have ruined my life. At least girls can admit feeling nervous about showering, but guys consider…


“Drug-free” cool? Gonna take a revolution

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I found your website searching for “teens that don’t drink or do drugs.” My 17-year-old daughter’s friends all drink, smoke, and do drugs. She…


Gay-straight sleepover debate gets no rest

DEAR READERS: We recently did a column (NOV 4, 2009) on a topic I get a lot of mail about. Two girls were close friends enjoying the usual sleepovers since elementary school, until, at…


Getting GED to escape drug crowd not best solution

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m a junior at a new high school. When we moved, I thought I would escape the bad crowd that had me doing really dumb things like drinking and popping pills.…


Millennial Generation creating a kinder, smarter world—Part I

DEAR READERS: The young people on this panel range from age 12 to 24. They are part of the Millennial Generation, born from 1982- 2001. The most striking thing about “Milllennials” is that they grew…


What’s too slutty, even at Halloween?

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m new at my high school and have fallen in with a popular crowd, so that’s good. The problem is Halloween. I’m in shock over some of the outfits…

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