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Parental Snooping

Mom finds son’s “sickening” porn stash

Dear Straight Talk: My 16-year-old son has been “different” lately and my motherly instincts told me something was wrong. I was scared to death it was drugs and searched his room when he was at school. I did not find drugs,…


Locked bedroom and hushed tones have Mom worried about drugs

Dear Straight Talk: There is something going on that my daughters don’t want me to know about. They've started locking their room and I hear them talking in hushed tones I can't understand. When I asked why they're locking…


Sisters with new stepdad want security of a locked bedroom door

Dear Straight Talk: My sister and I want a lock for our bedroom door. We have a new stepfather and we feel uncomfortable not being able lock our door when we’re undressed. He’s good to us, rarely comes inside our room and always…


When is it okay for parents to snoop?

Dear Straight Talk: Our two teenage daughters give us few problems. However, their phone accounts are in our names and we routinely check their messages without their knowledge. Our youngest, age 16, has a male friend from a good family…

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Hover-parented girl wants help finding herself

Dear Straight Talk: My parents have always dominated my life. I’m a junior at a college I hate. I play college sports and a musical instrument I'd rather not play. I’ve never worked, being too busy being "enriched." I sound…


When do parents get green light to snoop?

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: We have two wonderful teenage daughters who give us few problems. However, their email and cell phone accounts are in our names and without their knowledge, we routinely…


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