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Is cursing at parents standard fare for teens?

Dear Straight Talk: A dear friend struggling with single parenting called to tell me that his daughter said, "F– you," to him at dinner. She is 14. I burst out laughing and told him welcome to raising teenagers. He is still mad at…


Where do you stand on the f-bomb?

Dear Straight Talk: People in their teens and twenties are telling me that the f-word is used everywhere, on TV, in everyday life, by all ages, including parents around their young children, who then use it in school. They say it doesn’t…


Panel weighs in on Arizona shootings

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m curious how young people feel about the shootings in Arizona. Politics has taken on an “us versus them” mentality. Hate and sound bites prevail…

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Mom bans friend from house for using obscenities

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My mom is very strict about obscenities and I have become close friends with “Joanne” who uses them in her normal speech — including the F-word. Such…


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