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“Honey, your weight is fine,” not often the truth

Dear Straight Talk: Here’s a dilemma for you and your teen staff. My daughter is 14 and she thinks she is fat. It’s true, she has a fat tummy, but she’s not fat anywhere else.…


Food addictions require inner and outer work

Dear Straight Talk: I don’t like being fat, but I’m fat. I’m a junior in high school and I’ve never had a boyfriend. At this point I feel like I never will. My dad and stepmother…


Walking it off, all 50 pounds of it

Dear Straight Talk: After reading about Geoff’s and Greg’s junk food experiences, I thought I’d write. My family is techno-savvy, so I grew up with a computer in the house and…


Food ads a lot to compete with

Dear Straight Talk: You talk about the media in your column but never how it affects the way kids eat. The average child sees 40,000 commercials a year on television, most of them for candy, soda,…


Teen girls feel the need to look perfect

Dear Straight Talk: I’m 17 and I agree with a lot of what Farren had to say in last week’s column about the problems with my generation. Everyone’s trying to look so perfect resulting…

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Why are we all so fat?

Dear Straight Talk: I’m 15 and my grandmother, who is 62, went with my family for a day at the river. She couldn’t stop talking about all the teenagers she saw in there bathing suits.…

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