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Unhealthy weight-loss behaviors epidemic among youth

Dear Straight Talk: My 14-year-old daughter is being treated for anorexia and bulimia. Her clothes covered it well. I am writing about the media frenzy around being thin, which goes into overdrive in January. With epidemic numbers of young…


Teen wants help losing weight

Dear Straight Talk: This year, I want to lose weight. My weight affects my energy, my lack of a boyfriend, and how I feel about myself. I think my mom is scared I'll become anorexic if she says anything other than, "You are beautiful…

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Brother’s “disgusting” diet worries Sis

Dear Straight Talk: I am 21, my little brother is 15. We are very close. The problem is he lives with our dad and my dad and his wife aren't food conscious like my mom, who shops organic. They let him eat candy, fast food, and drink…

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What if high school started an hour later?

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I read with interest about the mother who couldn't get her son to sleep before midnight. Sleep deprivation is the norm today. But combining sleep deprivation with teens leads to extra problems because teens…


Mom shames overweight daughters

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My sister and I are overweight. Every Saturday, our mom makes us strip naked and weighs us. We find it humiliating and embarrassing to stand there naked and be weighed…


Poor health and lots of it

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m 20 and just got diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I’m not even overweight. A friend has something wrong with her thyroid. Another takes high blood pressure…


Girl piles on pounds, parents at a loss

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m concerned about my 14-year-old daughter. She is rapidly gaining weight and is now 130 lbs at only 5’1”. She eats obsessively, sometimes hiding…


Obesity epidemic fueled by “compulsive overeating”

Dear Straight Talk: I appreciate your straight-forward response to “Megan’s dad” whose 19-year-old daughter is 50 pounds overweight. You are right that obesity is a disease, and while some may “accept” their…


Dad worries as daughter piles on pounds

Dear Straight Talk: My 19-year-old daughter, “Megan,” attends college a few hours away. The problem is she is 50 pounds overweight. She’s been overweight for several years, but…


Steps to a bikini state of mind

Dear Straight Talk: I think this is the most wonderful column! I learn to appreciate the thoughts of both parents and kids. I’m writing regarding the letter from “Fat in Folsom,”…

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