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Imagine there’s no violence. I wonder if you can.

Dear Straight Talk: This generation is not just born and bred on the Internet, but on an insatiable diet of violence in movies, video games and rap. The other thing uniquely part of their world are mass shootings. If these shootings were…

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Teach your children well…  about sex, porn, love

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Your columns make me concerned for my son and daughter, ages 9 and 7, respectively. Their father and I divorced over his pornography habit. I hope my son doesn’t…


“Drug-free” cool? Gonna take a revolution

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I found your website searching for “teens that don’t drink or do drugs.” My 17-year-old daughter’s friends all drink, smoke, and do drugs. She…


Do electronic distractions make you dumb?

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m a junior and my grades are suffering. My dad says it’s because I’m on Facebook and listening to music while I do homework. I don’t know what…


Mom & Pop’s rock still rolls

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I grew up in London and attended the London School of Economics with Mick Jagger. For a college project, I managed one the Rolling Stone’s first gigs…


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