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Mistaken Identity

Boy has murderous thoughts toward bully

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I moved here as a freshman. I’m heading into junior year and never made it into the popular crowd. In fact, I’m completely shunned because last year, a completely…


Will skinny dipping make you gay?

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My sister and I like to skinny dip in our pool on hot nights. When friends spend the night we invite them to join us since we’re all girls. Our mom recently remarried…


Cybullied teen hints at suicide

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: How can I help my younger sister deal with cyberbullying? We share a room so I know how torn up she is and hear her crying every night. She’s somewhat overweight,…


Bullying will continue until boys demand justice

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I am a short, small-boned sophomore with a high-pitched voice. I’m terrible at sports and PE is a nightmare. The friend I hang out with is also small. Some macho…


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