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Championing equal rights is patriotism of youth

Dear Straight Talk: My "news junkie" grandmother from Georgia is staying with us. She constantly puts me and my generation down saying we're not patriotic and we don’t care about anything. But I think I'm more patriotic than…


Is there a unique sign or feeling for true love?

Dear Straight Talk: I'm 18, a high school graduate and my boyfriend is 20. I want to commit to the man I love. My mother thinks it's a bad idea. She says don't rush, if it's real love it won't go away, it will grow.…


Low libido affecting intimacy in young couples

Dear Straight Talk: I'm 24 and not sure where to turn. My boyfriend, 26, wants to move in together and make things permanent, but so many coupled friends complain that they hardly ever have sex and there is little intimacy when they…


Teen fears Mom’s gay marriage will cause bullying

Dear Straight Talk: Now that gay marriage is legal again in California, our mom is marrying her "fiancé" in August. They are planning a formal church wedding announced in the newspaper and we are moving into her fiancé's…


Divorced father threatens daughter’s wedding

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I am 22 and getting married next month. We are planning something special in the backyard of a friend's house with our families and friends. My father has written a check to cover most of the food. The problem…


Fathers play a major role in child’s success

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I am stepfather to three teenagers. I have attended several high school commencements and have noticed a pattern of students thanking their moms but never their dads.…


Youth panel weighs in on same-sex marriage

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I enjoy the window into the minds of youth that your column provides and I’d like to ask them a question. Gay marriage became legal in June in California,…


Weddings made special by love between the couple

Dear Straight Talk: I’m 18 and I’m responding to the letter complaining about the “big fat modern wedding”. I think the idea that weddings are supposed to be huge comes…


The big fat modern wedding

Dear Straight Talk: A few weeks ago you printed a piece on a guy getting married and his mom was freaking out that he was perhaps going to the altar when he really didn’t want to. This is…


Time to trust that son has own “inner voice”

Dear Straight Talk: The first time I married I was 20 years old. I’ll never forget a little voice inside that said I shouldn’t marry this man. Not that he wasn’t a wonderful person,…

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