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Dad’s pot habit riles daughter

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My dad has been smoking pot since he was 25. He is now 50. I first caught him smoking it outside last Christmas, but he usually smokes in his bathroom. We had huge family…


Is boy messed up from drugs or mental illness?

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My brother is 25. He’s always been moody and used to have a bad temper. Now he’s sometimes manic, sometimes drowsy. He started smoking pot at 12. Later came…

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Panel paints portrait of marijuana use

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I read that you support marijuana legalization (MAR 25) and was surprised that someone as educated as you is not aware of the dangers of this…


Will teens smoke more dope if pot is legal?

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m writing about marijuana legalization, which is being discussed in California. As California’s largest cash crop, I understand the appeal to solve the…


14-year-olds smoke dope

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m 14 and friends of mine (I’ll call them Janine and Claire), go to Mexico a lot with Janine’s family where they hook up with older people…

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Teens who say ‘no’ to drugs suffer harsh peer criticism

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I have a gripe. Over the years, I’ve been to tons of parties and seen tons of drug and alcohol use, even from my closest friends whom I respect. Now,…


Dad smokes pot in the bathroom

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My mom and dad got in a fight a few days ago and my mom ended it with, “Just run upstairs and smoke your pot.” Now I realize I can hear my dad…


Living drug-free takes a village

Dear Straight Talk: I am disappointed in your response to “No longer Supermom,” whose daughter began drinking, smoking marijuana, flunking out of school, and had moved into her dad’s house where there were no rules. This…


Daughter discovers that dad smokes pot

Dear Straight Talk: I’m 17 and I read your column on the web. Over Christmas my cousins “Ryan” and “Gavin” visited from college. I returned home unexpectedly from…


Teens say drug-testing son was a good decision

Dear Straight Talk: My son, “Jon”, is 17 and will be a senior. His dad and I divorced ten years ago and our relationship is still strained. We broke up over alcohol.…

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