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Drug-free dorms in college — do they exist?

Dear Straight Talk: I’m going to college next month and dread the horror stories of drinking and drug use in the dorms. I do not use drugs and hope to never start. Do colleges have drug-free dorm halls? Or please suggest how to deal…


Illicit drug trade, not education, thrives on high school campuses

Dear Straight Talk: I'm a sophomore writing to complain about the open use of drugs at my school. Kids are vaping "dabs" [ultra-concentrated hash oil] with their e-cigarettes in broad daylight on a daily basis. Those boys sleeping in…


Popular party drug, Molly, sold as “pure” MDMA, often contains none

Dear Straight Talk: My daughter, 17, and her friends are getting ready for the big Halloween party, swapping clothes and creating costumes. My problem isn't the costumes being too racy as I've read about in Straight Talk (though…


Mom afraid to confront son over possible drug use

Dear Straight Talk: My son, 16, recently started working a restaurant swing shift on Friday nights and weekends. The problem is he comes home looking out of sorts. I don't smell alcohol, but he looks strange in the eyes, not like himself.…


Son needs Dad — and fast

Dear Straight Talk: I separated from my wife last year after much unhappiness. Our youngest, "Jon", age 16, is living with his mother because she allows a no-rules environment — plus, he blames me for the divorce. Last year his grades…

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Smoking pot too young results in significant IQ drop

Dear Straight Talk: I'm in 8th grade and my best friends are starting to smoke weed. One is getting it from his parent's supply and they are doctors. I don't want to smoke it but they say everyone does it and our parents did,…


Learning warning signs of suicide saves lives

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Regarding last week’s column about the boy who committed suicide, a friend of mine also did lots of increasingly negative drinking, smoking weed and partying.…

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Father’s love and courage teaches many

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Twenty-one months ago, my 18-year-old son jumped to his death from the 720-foot-high Foresthill Bridge. He left for school that morning. At lunch, I got a call that…


Should parents drug test their teens?

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Lauren, I am curious if you had ever tackled the subject of home drug testing. A lot of parents can’t imagine their teens are using drugs, but the sad fact is,…


Pot-smoking parent misguided in letting teen smoke

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Regarding the column about the daughter upset over her father smoking pot (Aug 11), I wish you had taken a stronger stand against pot. My stepfather smokes pot and since…

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