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Health and real-life accomplishments usurped by video games

Dear Straight Talk: I was excited to have my 14-year-old brother in high school with me, but he’s completely changed. Our single dad bought a computer and game console for our study and refuses to set rules on it. My brother has become…


Gynecomastia surgery worth it to escape cruelty over “moobs”

Dear Straight Talk: Your recent column about girls worried about being flat-chested compares nothing to the troubles for guys who are not. Guys with man boobs are among the most persecuted in high school. I was a chubby kid and my “moobs”…


Tripled suicide rate begs healthier childrearing, kinder society

Dear Readers: Last week we shared warning signs, risk factors and preventatives of suicide. I hope today’s true stories of this “silent” epidemic — whose rate has tripled since 1965 — inspire…


Suicide triples while preventative education lags

Dear Straight Talk: I’m not over the death of my friend’s suicide last spring. I did not see the signs. He didn’t seem to have any more problems than the rest of us. How could we all be so clueless? It seems like nobody…


On crowded imperiled planet, coexistence is key to survival

Dear Straight Talk: Thank you, panelists, for addressing my question (AUG 11) regarding development of your moral compasses vis-à-vis the five major religions. For my next question, let me describe a time 2000 years ago, when…


Family acceptance vital to LGBT teens’ health and welfare

Dear Straight Talk: My daughter, 17, is openly gay. My husband and I and her siblings have no problem accepting this and our Christian church accepts everyone. The problem is with my mother-in-law. Her church believes homosexuality is a…


Genital and nipple piercings dangerous and illegal for minors

Dear Straight Talk: My sister, 16, is under intense peer pressure to pierce her breasts and pudendum. The leader of her group ostracizes girls who won’t go along. I’m okay with waxing, but I would never pierce and bejewel my…


Daughter, 16, begging for breast augmentation

Dear Straight Talk: My 16-year-old daughter has gone through puberty but remains almost completely flat-chested. She gets made fun of and has never dated, believing this to be the reason. (However, her equally flat-chested friend dates,…


Religion has “missed” on inspiring societal peace and health

Dear Straight Talk: Our world has changed greatly since Jesus Christ walked the earth, but human nature has not. Then, as now, people fear what they don’t understand or disagree with. In his day, Jesus was persecuted, crucified and…


Rookie freshmen get advice from “old pros”

Dear Straight Talk: I have three grandchildren starting high school and two heading to college. What advice do you have for them? What were your best and worst lessons? —Devoted Reader

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