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Drug-free dorms in college — do they exist?

Dear Straight Talk: I’m going to college next month and dread the horror stories of drinking and drug use in the dorms. I do not use drugs and hope to never start. Do colleges have drug-free dorm halls? Or please suggest how to deal…


No love here: Sibling cruelty makes kids disdain helping each other

Dear Straight Talk: I hear repeatedly in Straight Talk about telling on siblings in danger, but I don't see why I should when it would only make trouble for me. My stepsisters huff [inhale toxic household chemicals] in their room and…


Boy seems to be huffing but won’t admit it

Dear Straight Talk: My little brother is 15. Whenever he enters the room or gets in the car, I smell a strong odor of nail polish, polish remover or paint thinner. My mom and I have gone through his room and found nothing. He's acting…


Eighth-grade brother “huffing” inhalants

Dear Straight Talk: I'm 10 and my big brother is in eighth grade. He used to be so much fun and I looked up to him. Now I've spied him stealing money from our mother's purse and sniffing from chemicals in our garage. I don't…


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