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Homophobia (see also GLBT)

Teen fears Mom’s gay marriage will cause bullying

Dear Straight Talk: Now that gay marriage is legal again in California, our mom is marrying her "fiancé" in August. They are planning a formal church wedding announced in the newspaper and we are moving into her fiancé's…


Undressing in front of gay stepsister presents quandary

Dear Straight Talk: I'm 16 with a stepsister the same age. We share a room during visitations and have become good friends. She has confided that she is gay and is having gay sex with a gay friend. She said she is not ready to come…


Boy has murderous thoughts toward bully

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I moved here as a freshman. I’m heading into junior year and never made it into the popular crowd. In fact, I’m completely shunned because last year, a completely…


Gay-straight sleepover: Part 2

DEAR READERS: Last week I aired reader responses to the column of NOV 4, 2009, where I sided with the mother who stopped allowing her daughter to sleepover with her long-term friend who…


Should lesbian friend be allowed for sleepovers?

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m 16 and have a close friend since elementary school who is gay. “Haley” doesn’t advertise that she’s gay, but she doesn’t keep…


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