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Dad’s suggestive touching embitters daughter

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I'm 17 and lucky to have an involved dad who believes in his kids. But he finds a way to pat my bottom or touch me closer to my chest than I am comfortable with any boy doing. Because of this, I avoid standing…


“Boys will be boys” mentality destructive

Dear Straight Talk: I read your column out loud to my eighth grade son each week and it’s a great way to discuss sensitive issues. Recently you covered groping, where middle school boys get…


Gropers rely on girls not saying ‘no’

Dear Straight Talk: Hey, go easy on the girls who get groped in public. The letter from “Undisclosed guy” who found it disgusting that his female classmates put up with being groped…


Saying ‘no’ a sexy response to groping

Dear Straight Talk: I am in an undisclosed grade in an undisclosed middle school and there are two girls in my class who flirt with guys almost to the point of addiction. It’s disgusting…


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