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Mom worries about shy daughter in large high school

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My daughter has attended the same small school from kindergarten through eighth grade. She is friendly but not particularly outgoing. She tends to have one or two close friends (and is very caring toward them),…


Boy wants to be straight, has trouble fitting in

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Everybody knows what high school is like: people do drugs, drink, and have sex. I’m one of the few who is different. I've gotten looks of disgust when I say that smoking marijuana or drinking is bad —…


Should parents restrict access to son’s troubled friend?

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: What should I do? My son is 16 and wants to hang out with someone who is a very bad influence and I don’t know how to go about preventing that. Whenever they…


Sickest bullies are those who pretend to be friends

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Someone I once considered a good friend has been saying absolutely horrible things behind my back. I overheard her, so I know it’s true. This person is very insecure…

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Strip poker sheds clothes, shreds friends

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Last weekend at a birthday slumber party, one of the pushier girls suggested we turn our regular poker game into strip poker. Well, I was the only one who chose not…


Siblings embarrassed about having two moms

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m 16 with a 14-year-old sister. Our mom is gay and her partner, “Jenny,” lives with us. We’re products of a marriage when she was young and…


Boy could be suffering from “Facebook depression”

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Maybe I shouldn’t meddle, but my son is an awkward, shy teenager and my brother’s kids are popular. At a recent reunion, a lively conversation ensued about…


One sibling doesn’t want to room with other in college

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My stepsister and I are both seniors and have applied to colleges. We share a room during visitations and where she has always been interested in a close relationship,…


College kids give tips on stretching a dollar

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m leaving for college this week and am nervous about finances. I have taken out loans, a grant helps with my dorm and tuition, but there’s not enough to…


“Drug-free” cool? Gonna take a revolution

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I found your website searching for “teens that don’t drink or do drugs.” My 17-year-old daughter’s friends all drink, smoke, and do drugs. She…

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