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Mother turns to panel for help with sibling rivalry

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Help! My first daughter,10, from a previous relationship and four-year-old daughter from my current marriage, fight constantly. This leads to mini arguments with my husband. Why do they fight so much? How can I…


Cat allergy stirs up pervasive hate

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Please help me stop wanting to do evil things to my stepsister. I’m 15 and she’s 10. Because of her, I had to find a new home for my cat who I love dearly…


A Bullying Solution that Really Works

DEAR READERS: If your school could have a superpower, what would it be? If it’s an anti-bullying superpower, you’re in luck. I’d like to shout from the rooftops about the “Safe School Ambassadors”…


Panel weighs in on Arizona shootings

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m curious how young people feel about the shootings in Arizona. Politics has taken on an “us versus them” mentality. Hate and sound bites prevail…

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“Avatar” blues: Fans long for connection to Nature

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I have a grandnephew, 15, from Kentucky and a grandson, 16, from California. Both say “Avatar” is the best movie they’ve ever seen. When I asked why,…

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