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Hung-up over “using the facility”? We don’t think so

Dear Straight Talk: I'm 16 with a 14-year-old sister and 11-year-old brother. We live with our mom in a three-bedroom apartment with only one bathroom. Everyone needs to get ready at the same time in the morning. Our mom says she and…


Dad’s suggestive touching embitters daughter

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I'm 17 and lucky to have an involved dad who believes in his kids. But he finds a way to pat my bottom or touch me closer to my chest than I am comfortable with any boy doing. Because of this, I avoid standing…


Boys don’t ask for help—but they really need it

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: A friend with daughters referred me to your column. While I enjoy it very much, I would like to see more coverage of male issues. Almost every helpful program is weighted…

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Hookups according to today’s young men

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I counsel teens on college and career choices and have been learning about “hookup” culture. I’m concerned that sexual activity, starting with girls…


Hey Sis, put some clothes on

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m a 16-year-old boy with a 17-year-old sister who is gay. We live with our single-parent mom, who can only afford a two-bedroom apartment, so my sister and I…


Co-ed sleepovers: What’s really going on?

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: A friend lets her teenage daughter stay overnight at a household where many teenagers regularly stay the night together, co-ed. Sometimes the parent of that…

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Halloween costumes hit deeper societal nerve

Dear Readers: Last week the teen panel and I responded to “Call me square” who complained that all her daughter’s friends dressed like hookers for Halloween. She then asked if Halloween was where girls began training to…


Halloween costumes not going to make girls strippers

Dear Straight Talk: What’s with all the slutty Halloween costumes? My 13-year-old’s friends all dressed like hookers. My daughter was in a Renaissance outfit and was furious with me because she felt “stupid” at the…


Leave menstruation to Mother Nature

Dear Straight Talk: A friend, who I will call “Ashley,” has a lot of freedom. Her parents have told her to trust her own judgment regarding sex and her body. She usually makes good decisions but there is one thing we are arguing…

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