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Formula for peace in fashion wars

Dear Straight Talk: Recently a friend from school gave me some really cute clothes she grew out of. The trouble is my mother says I can’t wear any of them because they are too “revealing”.…

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Today’s kids dramatic and needy of attention

Dear Straight Talk: I’m writing in response to Farren and Lennon who said that this generation of teens are overly dramatic and constantly need attention. It’s true. It seems like to…

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What bugs teens about parents’ generation?

Straight Talk asks teens: What bugs you most about your parents’ generation?

From Sawyer, 13: What…

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Teen wants to look normal, not nerdy

Dear Straight Talk: I’m 15 and my mother is always trying to control what I wear. She still goes clothes shopping with me and we get into terrible arguments. She says showing my belly button…

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