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Botox parties for young women put frown lines on Mom

Dear Straight Talk: My daughter, 21, who is away at college, says she’s been invited to a Botox party hosted by her best friend, whose mom “looks amazing”. Apparently, someone from her mom’s plastic surgery…


How itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny should teen bikini be?

Dear Straight Talk: How teeny should a bikini be? We have a pool and "mature" girls come over, some wearing the tiniest swimsuits imaginable. As I look out the window, I’m not feeling like a very good or protective parent. Is there…


Just say no to #ThighGap

Dear Straight Talk: I’m happy to observe that today’s teens seem to see the ideal female form as more curvy and less pre-pubescent than in my youth. (Thank you, Beyoncé.) Then I learned of the latest baffling body-image…


Fashion police (Mom) wants low down on short shorts

Dear Straight Talk: I have school shopping to do and while I like my kids to pick out their own clothes, I often find myself in the role of "fashion police." Many of the shorts are so short and the tops so low-cut or sheer. What does the…


Thong underwear not in Texas anymore

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m staying at my dad’s house part of the summer and it’s so lame because he and my step mom are freaking out over my thong underwear. They have actually…

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Halloween costumes hit deeper societal nerve

Dear Readers: Last week the teen panel and I responded to “Call me square” who complained that all her daughter’s friends dressed like hookers for Halloween. She then asked if Halloween was where girls began training to…


Halloween costumes not going to make girls strippers

Dear Straight Talk: What’s with all the slutty Halloween costumes? My 13-year-old’s friends all dressed like hookers. My daughter was in a Renaissance outfit and was furious with me because she felt “stupid” at the…


Good looks a matter of management

Dear Straight Talk: I moved in with my dad and step-mom over the summer and am attending eighth grade at my third middle school. My stepmother obviously knows what it’s like to be a teenager…


Bare midriffs are out

Dear Straight Talk: I have a solution to the fashion wars raging in the last few columns. For clothes too plunging in the neckline or too short at the waist, simply layer with a stylish undergarment.…


Set standards, but cut slack, on teen fashion

Dear Straight Talk: I am disappointed that you didn’t suggest to “Eighth grader” to honor her mother’s guidance regarding the clothes that were too “revealing”.…

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