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A Holiday Letter to Parents

Dear Readers: Parenting is probably the only job that is guaranteed to be legendary. When your children have grown and when they gather with siblings or talk from the heart with…


Cutting the apron strings perfectly appropriate

Dear Straight Talk: My mother is 53 and I am 21. She and my father divorced when I was 14 and I am her only child. Mother never dated much after the divorce and she drinks more and more each year…


Men & women hold hands for many reasons

Dear Straight Talk: Please help me because I don’t know who to talk about this. I was visiting my cousins in L.A. and we went to a restaurant and I saw my best friend’s dad there holding…


Mom suspects daughter needs birth control

Dear Straight Talk: My daughter is 16 and has had the same boyfriend for two years. They are both good kids and real responsible. I happen to be a realistic parent and considering how in love they…


Call 911 if threatened by violence

Dear Straight Talk: I’m a 13-year-old boy and I live with my mother and her boyfriend. My father is out of the picture. My mom’s boyfriend regularly comes home drunk or loaded and threatens…


Become ally to son who is almost a man

Dear Straight Talk: I’m afraid my son, who is 17, is hanging out with the wrong crowd and may be getting into trouble. I won’t let him hang out with them, and he hates me for it. I’m…


Gain Mom’s trust by introducing your friends

Dear Straight Talk: I’m 15 and having trouble with my mom. I’ve been pretty shy up until recently and now I’m starting to make a lot of friends and they want me to do things with…

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