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Genital and nipple piercings dangerous and illegal for minors

Dear Straight Talk: My sister, 16, is under intense peer pressure to pierce her breasts and pudendum. The leader of her group ostracizes girls who won’t go along. I’m okay with waxing, but I would never pierce and bejewel my…


Daughter, 16, begging for breast augmentation

Dear Straight Talk: My 16-year-old daughter has gone through puberty but remains almost completely flat-chested. She gets made fun of and has never dated, believing this to be the reason. (However, her equally flat-chested friend dates,…


Religion has “missed” on inspiring societal peace and health

Dear Straight Talk: Our world has changed greatly since Jesus Christ walked the earth, but human nature has not. Then, as now, people fear what they don’t understand or disagree with. In his day, Jesus was persecuted, crucified and…


Rookie freshmen get advice from “old pros”

Dear Straight Talk: I have three grandchildren starting high school and two heading to college. What advice do you have for them? What were your best and worst lessons? —Devoted Reader


Drug-free dorms in college — do they exist?

Dear Straight Talk: I’m going to college next month and dread the horror stories of drinking and drug use in the dorms. I do not use drugs and hope to never start. Do colleges have drug-free dorm halls? Or please suggest how to deal…


Early-bloomers targets for lousy early sex

Dear Straight Talk: My daughter, 14, blossomed overnight into a well-endowed gorgeous young woman. I’m appalled at the gawking men (of all ages) in supermarkets and literally everywhere we go. My sister bloomed early and the relentless…


Domestic abuse victim needs real-life angel to report suspicion

Dear Straight Talk: I share a room with my 13-year-old stepsister on visitations. A friend her age is always there. My stepsister says she’s actually tired of it but the girl begs to come over, yet never invites her in return. You…


How itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny should teen bikini be?

Dear Straight Talk: How teeny should a bikini be? We have a pool and "mature" girls come over, some wearing the tiniest swimsuits imaginable. As I look out the window, I’m not feeling like a very good or protective parent. Is there…


Championing equal rights is patriotism of youth

Dear Straight Talk: My "news junkie" grandmother from Georgia is staying with us. She constantly puts me and my generation down saying we're not patriotic and we don’t care about anything. But I think I'm more patriotic than…


Teen accepts being gay but fears bullying and rejection

Dear Straight Talk: I like your “Am I Gay or Straight?” test [Jun 2]. I’m gay and there has never been any confusion; I’ve liked boys starting before puberty. I accept myself but I worry about others accepting…

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