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Brother dislikes chauffeuring big Sis who doesn’t drive

Dear Straight Talk: I am 17 and got my license at 16. The problem is that my older sister, 19, never got her license so my parents have assigned me as her driver. I have a job, school, and other things to do. She's never even had a…


My daughter is afraid to learn how to drive

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My daughter is 19 and still doesn’t drive. She didn’t take driver’s training in high school, and now she says she is afraid. I’m afraid too. Outside of college it inhibits her ability to…


Teen drivers experience profiling by cops

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m a new driver and was pulled over for something I didn’t do. I was so nervous I hardly defended myself — and when I tried, the officer told me…


Dad’s pot habit riles daughter

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My dad has been smoking pot since he was 25. He is now 50. I first caught him smoking it outside last Christmas, but he usually smokes in his bathroom. We had huge family…


Can you trust calling parents for a ride?

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My boyfriend got drunk on Fourth of July and, still, I let him drive me home. Nobody could give me a ride and the alternative was calling my parents. They would have…


Millennials might be next “Greatest Generation”

DEAR READERS: What’s wrong with the world? How can we improve it? Here is Part II of the panel’s vision for 2010. As I said last week, the Millennial Generation are old souls when it comes to understanding…

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Abstinence-only probably not effective for cell phones either

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I was shocked at your advice to “Jason’s mom” (June 18) whose 17-year-old son informed her he was going to text and drive after the California…

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Teens plan to “text and drive” to foil cell phone ban

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My son is 17. Starting July 1, he will be banned from using a cell phone while driving until he is 18. Today he informed me that he won’t talk on his…


Sport bikes popular, but deadly, for young riders

DEAR READERS: As some of you know, I lost my beautiful son, Jarrad, in a motorcycle accident last August. We all lost him. May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. It also marks the beginning of the motorcycle…


Law to require hands-free cell phone use while driving

Dear Readers: Driving while using a cell phone has been the subject of several columns. I want my readers to know that beginning July 1, 2008 it will be against the law in California to use a cell…

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