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What bugs Millennials about their generation? Part 2

Dear Readers: If there's one word to define this generation, it's "distracted." Smart phones, video games, on-line porn, surround-media blasting messages mostly making bad stuff look good. Magicians rely on distraction to perform…

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Mom flips out when twins want to enlist

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My twin sister and I are very interested in joining the military when we graduate from high school in June. The recruiter said we can be together during training and…


Teens weigh in about mandatory draft with non-military options

DEAR READERS: I recently did a column on reinstating the draft — with non-military options (DEC 31, 2008). I spoke of the apathy, entitlement, and lack of practical skills that…

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Bringing back the draft

DEAR READERS: The “draft” is a dirty word for many Americans. But every New Year I like to share what’s on my mind — with hopes that it starts many conversations!



All play, no service makes Jane & John dull

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Sure, this election brought youth out to vote, but there is still huge apathy among the young. Most high school and college-age youth are focused on their…


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