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Divorce almost as toxic as “missing” parent

Dear Straight Talk: I’m considering getting a divorce from my wife because I have finally found true love. You said something about divorce not being such a bad thing for the children as…

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Custody issues tearing child apart

Dear Straight Talk: I’m 14 and my parents are divorcing. I’ve seen their divorce coming for many years and have been terrified that when it finally happens I’ll be asked to choose…


Children of divorce need counseling

Dear Straight Talk: I’m 13 and my parents divorced suddenly about 18 months ago. They each moved into different houses. Nothing is like it used to be. My older brothers are mostly at my dad’s…


Spare kids “he said-she said” divorce routine

Dear Straight Talk: I’m 16 and my parents are going through a divorce. I thought I had parents who would never get divorced. They got along so well that I didn’t see it coming. They…

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