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Divorced dad wants to reconnect with daughter

Dear Straight Talk: I went through a divorce a little over a year ago. My oldest daughter, 17, has totally disconnected from me and I don’t know how to get our relationship back. Have any panelists been through this? Do they have…


Divorced father threatens daughter’s wedding

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I am 22 and getting married next month. We are planning something special in the backyard of a friend's house with our families and friends. My father has written a check to cover most of the food. The problem…


Will skinny dipping make you gay?

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My sister and I like to skinny dip in our pool on hot nights. When friends spend the night we invite them to join us since we’re all girls. Our mom recently remarried…


Divorced dad wonders when to tell kids about new flame

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I have been separated/divorced for 15 months. About nine months ago, following a rebound relationship, I met someone I’m serious about. I’m as surprised…


Parents each want a kid after divorce

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m 16 and my sister is 15. We are close friends. Our mom and dad are getting divorced and have agreed that one of us will go with our mom and one with our dad.…


Hey Sis, put some clothes on

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m a 16-year-old boy with a 17-year-old sister who is gay. We live with our single-parent mom, who can only afford a two-bedroom apartment, so my sister and I…


Boy bounced school-to-school feeling suicidal

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I just picked up my 16-year-old son from a street corner after he was incommunicado for a week. He’s very mixed up, and I need help. Right before freshman year,…


Custody battle makes teen insane

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I hope you can help me. My parents are in the middle of a divorce and are fighting over us kids. Every little thing, like soccer practice, or one of them having to be…


Divorced dad gets help winning back estranged daughter

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My daughter, “Paige,” is 14. Her mother and I divorced four years ago and my ex has always said ugly things about me. Somehow Paige seemed to…


Alcoholism a deal-breaker in choosing between parents

Dear Straight Talk: I’m 15 and during the middle of the school year I was taken from my mom because she drinks. My little sisters, ages two and three, were taken also. My sisters are now…

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