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Depression & Mental Health

Most kids today need “stress band-aids”

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m a retired high school nurse interested in how kids self-soothe in order to de-stress. I observe kids having such stressed childhoods that most have some type…


Straight Talk panelists co-author motorcycle safety law

DEAR READERS: Last school year, two teenage panelists from Straight Talk wanted to make the world a better place. Michael Kelleher and Sawyer Cole took their idea to the Capitol and stood persistently in front of…


Is 16 too young for a boob job?

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: One of my friends is considering breast implants for her sixteenth birthday. She complains that she is a size B (like most in our class), and wants to be a size C or…


Pot-smoking parent misguided in letting teen smoke

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Regarding the column about the daughter upset over her father smoking pot (Aug 11), I wish you had taken a stronger stand against pot. My stepfather smokes pot and since…


Lucy in the Sky with DMT (today’s LSD)

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Can you tell me if DMT is safe? Articles I’ve read in Spirituality & Health magazine seem to indicate it is probably okay to…


Poor health and lots of it

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m 20 and just got diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I’m not even overweight. A friend has something wrong with her thyroid. Another takes high blood pressure…


Is boy messed up from drugs or mental illness?

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My brother is 25. He’s always been moody and used to have a bad temper. Now he’s sometimes manic, sometimes drowsy. He started smoking pot at 12. Later came…

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“Avatar” blues: Fans long for connection to Nature

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I have a grandnephew, 15, from Kentucky and a grandson, 16, from California. Both say “Avatar” is the best movie they’ve ever seen. When I asked why,…


Adderall and Ritalin abuse: steroids of study

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m concerned for friends who buy Adderall and Ritalin at school in order to stay up late studying. One of my friends is on antidepressants and I worry about her…


Silence can be deadly: tell adult about cutter’s secret

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My friend, “Max”, has huge family problems and is cutting his wrists. The cuts aren’t deep, but his arm is infected because his parents…

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