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Depression & Mental Health

“Glee” about as edgy as spilled slushees

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: One of my guilty pleasures is watching “Glee.” I am wondering if the degree of bullying they depict is exaggerated or if high school today is really like…


Rebounding after a bad breakup

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Six months ago, my younger sister was rejected by her boyfriend for another girl. She’s still not over it. She lies around sad and depressed and hardly leaves…


Most kids today need “stress band-aids”

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m a retired high school nurse interested in how kids self-soothe in order to de-stress. I observe kids having such stressed childhoods that most have some type…


Straight Talk panelists co-author motorcycle safety law

DEAR READERS: Last school year, two teenage panelists from Straight Talk wanted to make the world a better place. Michael Kelleher and Sawyer Cole took their idea to the Capitol and stood persistently in front of…


Is 16 too young for a boob job?

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: One of my friends is considering breast implants for her sixteenth birthday. She complains that she is a size B (like most in our class), and wants to be a size C or…


Pot-smoking parent misguided in letting teen smoke

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Regarding the column about the daughter upset over her father smoking pot (Aug 11), I wish you had taken a stronger stand against pot. My stepfather smokes pot and since…


Lucy in the Sky with DMT (today’s LSD)

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Can you tell me if DMT is safe? Articles I’ve read in Spirituality & Health magazine seem to indicate it is probably okay to…


Poor health and lots of it

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m 20 and just got diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I’m not even overweight. A friend has something wrong with her thyroid. Another takes high blood pressure…


Is boy messed up from drugs or mental illness?

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My brother is 25. He’s always been moody and used to have a bad temper. Now he’s sometimes manic, sometimes drowsy. He started smoking pot at 12. Later came…

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“Avatar” blues: Fans long for connection to Nature

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I have a grandnephew, 15, from Kentucky and a grandson, 16, from California. Both say “Avatar” is the best movie they’ve ever seen. When I asked why,…

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