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Date Rape Drugs

Drug-free dorms in college — do they exist?

Dear Straight Talk: I’m going to college next month and dread the horror stories of drinking and drug use in the dorms. I do not use drugs and hope to never start. Do colleges have drug-free dorm halls? Or please suggest how to deal…


Popular party drug, Molly, sold as “pure” MDMA, often contains none

Dear Straight Talk: My daughter, 17, and her friends are getting ready for the big Halloween party, swapping clothes and creating costumes. My problem isn't the costumes being too racy as I've read about in Straight Talk (though…


Rush Limbaugh woefully irresponsible for saying ‘no sometimes means yes’

Dear Straight Talk: Here's one for your panel. What do they think about Rush Limbaugh's advice to guys that when a girl says no, it might actually mean yes? Really enjoy your column. —John, 70, Rohnert Park, Calif.


Should Mom share her prom-night story?

Dear Straight Talk: My daughter, 17, always attends prom. She is curious about my prom experience. I wasn't popular in high school, but right before graduating, a boy I'd just met asked me to his school's prom. WOW!…


Date-rape drugs a peril at today’s parties

Dear Straight Talk: Please print this letter as it may help others. My friend was slipped a date-rape drug at a party. She was drinking, but not that much, then suddenly she started acting super drunk and went unconscious. We got her out…

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Guys who spike drinks are lowest of the low

Dear Straight Talk: Your columns on date rape drugs have really got me going. I have two wonderful sons in middle school and I cannot fathom what type of young man would resort to drugging a young…


Date rape drugs the latest party danger

Dear Straight Talk: Regarding your column on date rape drugs, I recently went to a huge party where bottles of hard liquor go around and you drink out of the bottles as they pass. I was talking…


Date rape drugs leave victims unable to remember

Dear Straight Talk: I went to a party recently with a friend and this hot guy was flirting with me and we started making out. I had had a couple of drinks but not any more than usual, not enough…


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