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Rush Limbaugh woefully irresponsible for saying ‘no sometimes means yes’

Dear Straight Talk: Here's one for your panel. What do they think about Rush Limbaugh's advice to guys that when a girl says no, it might actually mean yes? Really enjoy your column. —John, 70, Rohnert Park, Calif.


Should Mom share her prom-night story?

Dear Straight Talk: My daughter, 17, always attends prom. She is curious about my prom experience. I wasn't popular in high school, but right before graduating, a boy I'd just met asked me to his school's prom. WOW!…


Date-rape drugs a peril at today’s parties

Dear Straight Talk: Please print this letter as it may help others. My friend was slipped a date-rape drug at a party. She was drinking, but not that much, then suddenly she started acting super drunk and went unconscious. We got her out…

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Guys who spike drinks are lowest of the low

Dear Straight Talk: Your columns on date rape drugs have really got me going. I have two wonderful sons in middle school and I cannot fathom what type of young man would resort to drugging a young…


Date rape drugs the latest party danger

Dear Straight Talk: Regarding your column on date rape drugs, I recently went to a huge party where bottles of hard liquor go around and you drink out of the bottles as they pass. I was talking…


Date rape drugs leave victims unable to remember

Dear Straight Talk: I went to a party recently with a friend and this hot guy was flirting with me and we started making out. I had had a couple of drinks but not any more than usual, not enough…


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