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Cutter desperately wants sibling to tell on her

Dear Straight Talk: I read in Straight Talk about siblings afraid to tell on each other regarding serious issues — and you always say TELL! Well, I wish my 13-year-old sister would tell. I'm depressed and cutting but too ashamed…


What bugs Millennials about their generation?

Dear Readers: What bugs you about your generation? I asked the panel this simple question and their responses are, I hope, unsettling. As the first children to come of age in the Digital Age, Millennials have unique challenges, often unrecognized…

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Are daughter and best friend intimate during sleepovers?

Dear Straight Talk: I've been searching for insight regarding our 13-year-old daughter. Public affection with her best friend "Ashley" has increased and it seems they are intimate behind an always-closed door. I don't think my daughter…


Boy seeks help to find the light

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I just stopped cutting about a month ago. I started a journal, but sometimes when I get frustrated or angry I start to cut again. I was wondering if you have any ideas for helping me. I am so scared of falling back…


Former “cutter” worries about scars

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m 18, heading to college, happy to leave high school behind and become my own person. The trouble is I have scars on my arms from cutting when I was younger…


Sickest bullies are those who pretend to be friends

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Someone I once considered a good friend has been saying absolutely horrible things behind my back. I overheard her, so I know it’s true. This person is very insecure…

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Anorexic girl dying for sister to tell on her

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My younger sister is 15 and paranoid about her weight because when she was younger she was teased about being fat. From researching the Internet, I think she has anorexia.…


Silence can be deadly: tell adult about cutter’s secret

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My friend, “Max”, has huge family problems and is cutting his wrists. The cuts aren’t deep, but his arm is infected because his parents…

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Teens talk about helping at-risk friends choose life

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: After reading the column about how to help prevent suicide (July 16), I want to say that, over the years, I have attracted friends who were cutting, depressed,…


Cutting addiction requires professional help

Dear Straight Talk: I’ve been cutting since I was 16. I do it every time I’m mad or depressed. Once I see the blood, I feel like everything is going to be okay. It’s something I’ve grown use to. It brings…

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