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Mom struggling with daughter’s Halloween costume

Dear Straight Talk: I'm at wit's end. My daughter, 15, is planning her Halloween outfit. Last year, I was embarrassed by how "trashy" she looked but I didn't want a fight. I would like to set boundaries this year and wonder…

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Halloween costumes that mock cultures a bad idea

Dear Straight Talk: I'm in college and my very nice roommates are talking about dressing up as Muslims for Halloween. One, who is buff, is even talking about putting on blackface and going as Muhammad Ali. I think both the blackface…


Risks of risqué Halloween dressing

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: You wrote last week about how risqué attire can draw unwanted attention and lead to trouble if a girl is naive or insecure. How does this relate to Halloween? My daughter…


What’s too slutty, even at Halloween?

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m new at my high school and have fallen in with a popular crowd, so that’s good. The problem is Halloween. I’m in shock over some of the outfits…

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