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Holiday shopping guide: The “straight talk” on what young people want & need

Dear Readers: It's time again for our direct-from-the-source teen & twenty shopping list! As usual, please resist buying stupid stuff just because other kids have it. Definition of stupid stuff: video games, "smart" phones,…


Girl rides with friend who texts and drives

Dear Straight Talk: A friend won’t stop texting when she drives and it makes me nervous. She is the only friend I have with a car and I can't get around without her. How can I get her to stop without alienating her? "Rose,"…


Panelists support uniform cell phone policy for schools

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Dear Straight Talk: I teach high school civics. I’m interested in a solution to the problem of cell phone distractions in high school classrooms. Everyone knows…


Millennials might be next “Greatest Generation”

DEAR READERS: What’s wrong with the world? How can we improve it? Here is Part II of the panel’s vision for 2010. As I said last week, the Millennial Generation are old souls when it comes to understanding…

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Abstinence-only probably not effective for cell phones either

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I was shocked at your advice to “Jason’s mom” (June 18) whose 17-year-old son informed her he was going to text and drive after the California…

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Teens plan to “text and drive” to foil cell phone ban

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My son is 17. Starting July 1, he will be banned from using a cell phone while driving until he is 18. Today he informed me that he won’t talk on his…


Law to require hands-free cell phone use while driving

Dear Readers: Driving while using a cell phone has been the subject of several columns. I want my readers to know that beginning July 1, 2008 it will be against the law in California to use a cell…


Cell phones make teens drive like the elderly

Dear Straight Talk: You recently ran a column where you quoted David Strayer, of the University of Utah, saying that cell phones make teens drive like the elderly. You went on to advocate hands-free…


Texting and driving lands driver upsidedown

Dear Straight Talk: Your recent column about “Mr. Social” who drives while talking and texting on his cell phone was exactly how I used to be. Then one day I was texting on an on-ramp.…


Teen who drives and texts thinks he’s invincible

Dear Straight Talk: I don’t see what the big deal is about “Mr. Social” who uses his cell phone while driving. I make calls and text while driving, too. I can be texting in tons…

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