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Dad has caffeine headache over “everywhere” drug

Dear Straight Talk: My son, 15, feels enormous social pressure to drink Starbucks and "energy" drinks. Of course he can say no, but when his peers are tanking up on these sugary caffeinated drinks, before school, at lunch, before sports,…


Pressure-cooker high schools

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Sometimes I think our schools have gone crazy. We expect our kids to get a 4.6 GPA, letter in sports, run student government, play in the orchestra,…


Caffeine overdose blues

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m 16. Does anyone have advice for how to get off caffeine? Every day I need a coffee or energy drink fix, usually more than once. I feel so sluggish without…

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Starbucks banking on more bang to create addicts

Dear Straight Talk: You’ve been talking about drugs and alcohol at teen parties, but what about caffeine? I teach high school and I can’t believe how many kids start first period with…

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Food ads a lot to compete with

Dear Straight Talk: You talk about the media in your column but never how it affects the way kids eat. The average child sees 40,000 commercials a year on television, most of them for candy, soda,…


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