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Breast/Vanity Surgery

Botox parties for young women put frown lines on Mom

Dear Straight Talk: My daughter, 21, who is away at college, says she’s been invited to a Botox party hosted by her best friend, whose mom “looks amazing”. Apparently, someone from her mom’s plastic surgery…


Is 16 too young for a boob job?

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: One of my friends is considering breast implants for her sixteenth birthday. She complains that she is a size B (like most in our class), and wants to be a size C or…


Body image an issue for moms and daughters alike

Dear Straight Talk: I’m 48 and I recently had my breasts augmented to a C cup. I made no secret of it and many of my 13-year-old daughter’s friends…


Mom’s breast job whacks out daughter

Dear Straight Talk: My mom had her breasts enlarged a few weeks ago and I find it embarrassing that she shows them to people like they’re a new outfit or something. Right there in the living…


“Supersized breasts” make women feel inadequate

Dear Straight Talk: My daughter is 18 with a lovely, slim figure (34A) and she’s obsessed with having her breasts enhanced and has begun saving money for it. It seems shallow to me and I’d…


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