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Age of Consent

Here’s to you Mrs. Robinson

Dear Straight Talk: I'm 17 and being seduced by a "Mrs. Robinson.” She’s a rich divorced friend of my mom's in her 40s, in great shape and very attractive. First she offered me good money to do yard work. Then she started…


Brother blackmailed over condoms

Dear Straight Talk: I'm 16, sharing a room with my 13-year-old sister because our single-parent mom can’t afford otherwise. My sister snooped, found my hidden condoms and now she's blackmailing me. I have to pay her from my…


In love with troubled stepbrother. Now what?

Dear Straight Talk: My stepfather has a son a year older than me who didn’t live with us because my stepdad didn’t have custody. Since we weren’t blood related, I had a crush on “Unknown.” I didn’t hear…


Boyfriend the biggest loser if girl gets caught

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My 17-year-old daughter has approached me to start birth control. Her boyfriend is 19. I told her that using a condom in addition to the pill is best, and that because…


Crush on algebra teacher creates dangerous chemistry

Dear Straight Talk: I have fallen in love with my algebra teacher. The problem is she is 30 and I am 16. I feel that she really likes me, and more than that, I feel like she wants me. What should I do? Should I ask her to dinner or just…

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Age of consent varies from state to state

Dear Straight Talk: I read your column every week and last week a girl had gotten a tattoo against her parents’ wishes. You advised her to tell her parents and accept the consequences. In…


In California sex is illegal if under 18

Dear Straight Talk: Regarding your advice to “In love for good”, like it or not, it is illegal for unmarried under-18-year-olds to have sex. Parental permission is irrelevant and could…


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