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Our Panel of Teens



I grew up in the suburban wasteland of Fair Oaks, California, regularly devouring books and organic snacks. I am a Waldorf “lifer”, frequently filled with overwhelming joy to be alive, and have been greatly impacted by my education. Throughout my life I have dealt with various struggles of different sorts, and (not to be cliche or anything), I thoroughly believe that these struggles have made me into a stronger person with a greater understanding of the world and myself than I might have otherwise been.

After graduating from high school, I spent a year as a UC student along the southern California coast, but realized that college wasn’t the right thing for me to be doing at the moment. I then spent a year living and volunteering in a Camphill community for young adults with developmental disabilities back east. I was challenged every day to discover qualities within myself that I never knew I possessed, and to use those qualities to best serve those with whom I shared my life. I have now returned to that UC college and imagine that the future holds lots of learning, more Camphill time, and hopefully traveling the world, enjoying new places, and meeting interesting people.

A quote that has proven itself to be incredibly important to me and the way I live my life comes from someone who was a dear friend: “I have come to the conclusion that you can never love too much.”