Straight Talk Advice

Our Panel of Teens



I am a young man in a culture that underestimates the power and fortitude of its youth. Whereas inexperience used to be seen as a venue for the creation of good habits in the work place, i.e. bad habits had not yet been formed, now it is viewed as a sort of ignorance. I am a young man who relishes responsibility and is rarely in a place that requires I take it; nor does it seem that many adults feel I am capable of taking it. I am a young man who feels as though I must prove myself to the world and yet is not clear how to do so aside from joining the teaming throngs in the “rat race.” I am a young man of an intermittent age in an intermittent niche in society. I am a young man in a time when natural beauty is pushed aside for computer-rendered landscapes, when it is easier to drive a car than it is to walk, and when if I am not up to date on foreign affairs I am perceived as “uninformed.” I am a young man who does not seek to profit from my actions, who does not see success as the zeros on one’s paycheck. I am a young man who would rather help people than take advantage of them. I am a young man who sees around me people with the same views as I.