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Oct 21, 2009

What’s too slutty, even at Halloween?

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m new at my high school and have fallen in with a popular crowd, so that’s good. The problem is Halloween. I’m in shock over some of the outfits my girlfriends are planning to wear to our dance. I mean, it’s normal to dress slutty for Halloween, but even I feel uncomfortable with a camel toe. Am I being a prude? I want to fit in but I don’t want to be considered a real slut, if you know what I mean. Where does your panel draw the line between ‘fun’ slutty versus ‘too’ slutty on Halloween? — Fashion horrors

Maureen 17, Redding, CA Ask me a question

Slutty? Camel toes are simply bad taste! I don’t dress slutty for Halloween, but some people find it the perfect occasion for the excuse. Bottom line: don’t wear anything you don’t feel comfortable with. Tell your friends your mom won’t allow it

Jessie 17, Ashland, OR Ask me a question

A camel toe is never a good look on anybody, so draw the line right there. Nowadays you can stand out by NOT dressing slutty.

Farren 22, Redding, CA Ask me a question

Camel toes? Camel toes aren’t slutty, they’re unattractive — even to guys! Girls get made fun of for that!

Ashley 22, Auburn, CA Ask me a question

Halloween has become an excuse for girls to dress slutty, but that doesn’t mean you’re forced into it. Basic rule: no body parts hanging out of clothing, nothing protruding or showing through.

Brie 18, Ashland, OR Ask me a question

I love dressing up for Halloween but it is hard to discern what is appropriate. Use this guide: if you would be embarrassed to be seen by your parents, their friends, or a store clerk, it’s too slutty.

Lara 19, Moraga, CA Ask me a question

Showing off your body and dressing slutty is totally okay on Halloween, but drawing the line where you’re uncomfortable isn’t being a prude, it’s called respecting yourself! Even if you wear more clothes than your friends, if you act confident you will get attention, no worries!

Katelyn 14, Huntington Beach, CA Ask me a question

I hate it when people dress slutty for Halloween. One, they could send the wrong message and be raped, and two, AREN’T THEY COLD?! The line between “fashionable” slutty versus “icky” slutty is when clothes are skintight, you can see down a girl’s shirt when she bends over, or she’s wearing 2-inch inseam shorts or skirts with high heels. Me, I’m wearing a full suit of armor that covers every part of my body.

Vanessa 21, Galt, CA Ask me a question

There are boundaries for everything. Yes, Halloween gives girls freedom to dress as they normally wouldn’t and they probably won’t get a reputation for this one night, but I would never objectify myself in ways that make me uncomfortable, nor should you. If you’d rather stay covered up a little, compensate by doing your hair, makeup and accessories more wildly than normal.

Akasha 15, Gold River, CA Ask me a question

A camel toe may work for celebrities, but even there it’s considered disgusting, slutty, and something to laugh at. To know what’s sexy, but not slutty, look in clothing catalogues like Alloy or Victoria’s Secret.

Scot 22, San Luis Obispo, CA Ask me a question

Halloween is a time to dress up and be something you’re not. It’s exciting to be scary, weird, or taboo — which these days, means slutty. But just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean your outfit won’t reflect on you or that people won’t remember it.

DEAR FASHION HORRORS: Did we answer your question? Britney Spears and Paris Hilton may be adding to their fortunes by parading slutty looks, but unless you are currently a hotel-chain heiress, or are touring for your new CD, a camel toe (and other inappropriate “revelations”) will only give you one thing: a bad reputation. Yes, even on Halloween.

Editor’s Web Note: This is an area where guidance is needed and the panel delivers! For those who’ve never heard of a camel toe, look no farther than Wikipedia: “Cameltoe is a slang term that refers to the outline of the labia majora seen through tight clothes.” — Lauren

  1. By Gail , age , from Rocklin, CA on 10/23/2009

    I think camel toes are totally slutty and inappropriate even for Halloween. My sister sometimes wears one because she thinks it makes her look sexy, and she does get looks and comments from guys, but I’ll bet they’re calling her a slut behind her back.  It makes me sick to see her showing herself off that way. We share a room and are totally comfortable about nudity in front of each other, but seeing her in a camel toe still makes me feel sick. I’ve seen some girls dress up like hookers for Halloween and don’t see a problem as long as it’s done in a reasonably tasteful way, but something like a camel toe on a girl makes me want to puke.

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