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May 10, 2006

Weddings made special by love between the couple

Dear Straight Talk: I’m 18 and I’m responding to the letter complaining about the “big fat modern wedding”. I think the idea that weddings are supposed to be huge comes from TV and movies.

At a recent wedding I got a reality check. While the young couple had good financial backing, it was a very low key, very modest wedding. All of the decorations they did themselves—they even made their own cake. The guest list was only about 30 people, just close friends and family.

Still, when I imagine a wedding, I imagine it like any other teenage girl—unrealistically. I’m engaged, and honestly, I would like to wait to get married so I can at least have somewhat of an unrealistic wedding. Even though weddings are about declaring your vows, I do think it’s nice to have that one special day.—Willing to wait

Dear Willing: Whether a wedding is simple or elaborate, what makes it special are the feelings between the couple. That’s why I recommend couples counseling before tying the knot. If money is an issue, most parents are thrilled to fund this as a pre-wedding gift. Best wishes.


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